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What are GardenSoxx?

We’re proud to be one of the most simple and versatile gardening containers you’ll find. GardenSoxx® allow you to put a garden anywhere! Hobbyists, professional growers, and backyard gardeners nationwide have grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers safely and abundantly on concrete, decks, and patios; in backyards, front yards; or in fields and tunnels.


No matter what the size of your garden, or how green your thumb, GardenSoxx can help you Simplify Your Love of Gardening™.

  • I got an early start this year with Broccoli and Kohlrabi, planted both in the soil and some in the GardenSoxx. The Soxx are 50% taller and easier to cover when frost is a threat. I wish now that I would have purchased the Drip Irrigation Kit.

    — Jane, Fruitland, WA

  • I have never been able to grow this many tomato plants in one season! I will definitely be using GardenSoxx for my garden from here on out! Thanks for an awesome product!

    — Stephanie D., Harrisburg, PA

  • Love this product as I have been doing raised beds for a long time, but GardenSoxx gives much more flexibility.

    — Jeff L., Wesley Chapel, FL

  • Before I learned about [GardenSoxx], busy urban communities, such as mine, had no practical answer to growing fresh vegetables for our families. Now, as  a result of [GardenSoxx], my family and our neighbors’ families can literally “plug and play” a garden where and when we want.

    — James S., Cleveland, OH

  • The corn is growing so well. Thanks I love the GardenSoxx.

    — Shirley R., Plain City, OH

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Great for agricultural production,
community gardens, school projects,
or Family Garden Initiative.

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